Disclaimer Colours

The following colours are NOT recommended for kitchen worktops. Please discuss with Sheridan prior to fabrication:-

Bands A & B

Blueberry Ice, Glacier Ice, Lime Ice, Marine Blue, Medea, Mint Ice, Pewter, Sienna Brown, Strawberry Ice, Summer Sky, Clay.

Band C

Adobe, Bougainvillea, Claret, Ebony Black Graphic Blue, Grape Green, Hot, Lilac, Mandarin, Nocturne, Shale, Sun.

Band E

Anthracite, Blackberry Ice, Night Sky, Pompeii Red.

Band F

Cocoa Brown, Coffee Bean, Gravel, Blue Pebble, Beeswax.

Band G

Azure, Black Quartz, Cobalt, Ruby.

Band D*

Dawn Beige, Venaro White.

COLOUR Colour Match Site Joint Visibility Upstand Colour Change   Colour Colour Match Site Joint Visibility Upstand Colour Change
Beach Glass Good Unobtrusive None Venero White* Excellent Slight
Bisque Good Slight None Dawn Beige* Excellent Slight
Bone Good Slight None BAND E
Buttercream Good Unobtrusive None Abalone Good Unobtrusive Slight
Cameo White Good Unobtrusive None Canyon Poor Slight None
Cargo Excellent Slight None Everest Good Unobtrusive Slight
Ice White Excellent Visible None Festival Good Unobtrusive Slight
Peach Poor Slight None Kilimanjaro Good Unobtrusive Slight
Pearl Grey Good Visible None Mardi Gras Excellent Unobtrusive Slight
Sand Excellent Slight None Matterhorn Excellent Unobtrusive Slight
Seagrass Poor Visible None Mont Blanc Poor Unobtrusive None
Vanilla Good Unobtrusive None Pepper Ivory Good Unobtrusive None
BAND C Seashell Good Unobtrusive Slight
Aqua Poor Unobtrusive None Sequoia Excellent Unobtrusive Slight
Aurora Excellent Unobtrusive None Spruce Good Slight Slight
Burnt Amber Good Slight None BAND F
Dove Excellent Unobtrusive None Antarctica Excellent Unobtrusive None
Dusk Excellent Unobtrusive None Atlantis Good Slight Slight
Eclipse Excellent Slight None Beige Fieldstone Excellent Unobtrusive Slight
Linen Good Unobtrusive None Grey Fieldstone Poor Slight Slight
Midnight Excellent Unobtrusive None Caribbean Good Unobtrusive None
Mojave Excellent Unobtrusive None Fossil Good Unobtrusive Slight
Macadam Poor Slight Slight Mediterranean Good Unobtrusive Slight
Oceanic Excellent Unobtrusive None Pine Good Unobtrusive Slight
Ochre Good Slight None Platinum Poor Unobtrusive Slight
Primrose Good Unobtrusive None Rain Forest Poor Unobtrusive Slight
Raffia Excellent Unobtrusive None Sahara Excellent Unobtrusive None
Sandstone Excellent Unobtrusive None Silver Birch Good Unobtrusive Slight
Silt Poor Slight None Terra Poor Slight Slight
Stone Washed Poor Unobtrusive None Tumbled Glass Good Unobtrusive None
Tarragon Poor Unobtrusive None Vesuvius Good Slight Slight
Tumbled Glass Good Unobtrusive None Whitecap Good Unobtrusive None
White Jasmine Excellent Unobtrusive None BAND F
        Veined colours† (please see footnote)
        Aztec Gold† Poor Visible Poor
        Clam Shell† Poor Visible Poor
        Lava Rock† Poor Visible Poor
        Sonora† Poor Visible Poor

* Band D colours are veined and it should be noted that if worksurfaces manufactured from these colours are to be joined, the direction of veining will be random colour.

† Veining will necessitate mitred corner joints, please ensure an allowance is made for the additional material that is required.